History of Foundation Preparatory Academy

In the Fall of 2012, a group of parents met together to discuss the need for a University-Model School in the Brazoria County, Texas area. These families had either experienced or were familiar with this college preparatory, private school model that emphasized a true partnership between parents and teachers. Faith-based Biblical integration and character development would be of significant importance. Parents as true partners and willing co-teachers was a major component that drew founding parents to this model. Foundation Preparatory Academy was founded in Lake Jackson, Texas for grades three through nine in the school year 2014-2015.

The master plan called for grades three through nine to be served the first year, adding tenth grade in 2015-2016, eleventh grade in 2016-2017 and eventually paving the way for the first freshman class of Foundation Prep to graduate in 2018. The long range plan projects the addition of primary classes after graduating the first class in 2018.

Foundation Preparatory Academy is a unique private Christian school that utilizes a university-type schedule and a teacher-parent integrated instructional approach to produce a high level of academic achievement while enabling strong ties between parents and their children. The school is a concrete example of a new educational model called University-Model Schooling (UMS) in which two proven elements of educational success, the professional classroom instruction of a teacher and the caring at-home mentoring of a parent, are combined into a single, unified, college-simulated program. Other proven elements of the schools program include character education, low student/teacher ratios, hands-on learning, a strong student work ethic, an effective college-preparatory curriculum, character-building student activities, and servant-minded local operation and management.

The school was officially incorporated on the 10th of May 2013 and opened for its first day of classes on August 18th, 2014. Foundation Prep became one of only two schools to be certified by the National Association of University Model Schools during the first year of operation. In January 2017 the school received the distinction of being accredited by AdvancED through the agency of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). This distinction recognizes that Foundation Preparatory Academy is committed to offering students a rigorous, diverse and sound curriculum instructed by qualified educators. Foundation Preparatory Academy, along with her sister University-Model Schools in other parts of the country, are now demonstrating that it is indeed possible for both parents and teachers to effectively work together for the common goal of providing Gods children with a high-quality, Christian education that is both cost-effective and strengthening to families.