Foundation Preparatory Academy is a private, Christian school built upon the university-model that strives to provide a high degree of academic rigor. The goal of Foundation Preparatory Academy is to preserve and strengthen families by partnering with parents to offer students a college-preparatory education founded upon a biblical worldview.

Foundation Preparatory Academy seeks to retain gifted teachers who desire to contribute to its Christian culture. Any candidate must:

  • Love and serve God wholeheartedly;
  • Be committed to the university-model;
  • Agree with Foundation Preparatory Academy’s mission and goals;
  • Exhibit the desire and abilities necessary to teach in the requested discipline;
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree.

Before applying, please review Foundation Preparatory Academy’s Vision, Mission, and Statement of Faith available on this website. In addition, interested candidates must attend a school informational meeting. Upcoming dates for these meetings are posted on the website as well. Prior to an interview, all candidates must read Character Driven College Preparation by Dr. John Turner, Jr. (available through www.amazon.com or www.naums.net).

Application Process

If you desire to join the staff of Foundation Preparatory Academy, please apply by submitting:

  • a completed application;
  • a resume;
  • a signed Application Certification & Agreement;
  • a signed Staff Agreement; and
  • completed Reference Forms (2 personal/non-family and 2 professional).

Please submit all of the above information to info@foundationprep.com or mail to:

Foundation Preparatory Academy
PO Box 488
Lake Jackson, TX 77566

The most qualified candidates will then be invited to proceed with the application process.