Parent Training

Parent Training

One purpose of Family Ministry at Foundation Preparatory Academy is to keep parents confident, competent, encouraged, and involved with their children. One avenue is through parent training. Parents are required to attend the Orientation Day and encouraged to attend the Mid-Semester Coffee Chats.

The parent-child relationship is educationally strategic as the single most influential factor, positive or negative, in a child’s motivation to excel academically and socially. Even the best parents need practical tools, a supportive community and times of refreshment and renewal.

Orientation Day

The parent serving as the primary Co-Teacher will need to participate in this day-long training designed to equip the co-teachers in their roles at Foundation Preparatory Academy. Unfortunately, childcare will not be available.

Mentor Families

Each new family is paired with a returning mentor family before school starts. The mentor family will assist and help the new family become acquainted with the routines of a satellite day. New families are able to contact their mentor family with questions that may arise during the year.

Establishing a Culture of Learning and Spiritual Growth in the Home