The purpose of the Family Ministry Program is to:
  1. preserve, promote, and put into practice the Foundations of doctrine, philosophy, and major objectives of this ministry
  2. keep parents confident, competent, encouraged, and involved with their children
  3. integrate age-appropriate character instruction into the Academic and Student Activities programs
  4. enforce the Academy’s policies of behavior and procedures of correction and discipline in such a way that spiritual and character growth are encouraged

While students are at school, parents trust that the school will maintain Policies of Student Behavior and Procedures of Student Correction and Discipline that ensure order and respect in the classroom, safety and proper supervision, Christ-like courtesy and consideration for others, minimum distractions to the learning environment, proper dress, and academic honesty. When students misbehave, discipline shall be administered from a perspective of personal growth, and not simply punishment. In addition to enforcing the rules, the Academy hopes to communicate the reasons behind the rules based on the meaning of mature character and motives. The Academy desires to turn every student’s misbehavior into a ministry to the student’s true needs and an experience that motivates the student to want better choices for him or herself in the future. Prayer, a listening ear, and time are essential for this to happen, and the Family Ministry Program seeks to ensure that it is provided.