What is University-Model® Schooling?

University-Model® Schooling is a blend of the most positive aspects from traditional public and private schools as well as home schools, to give a highly successful college-preparatory education set in a Christian environment. The key is professional classroom instruction partnered with co-teacher parents to ensure full support as students progress in education, spiritual development, and increased independence.

The immediate goal of the UMS is quality, cost-effective, college-preparatory education accomplished in a way that gives parents more time for imparting the faith and values they hold precious. The ultimate goal is that of producing wholesome, competent men and women of character who make a positive difference for Christ in the next generation.

Primary (Kinder-2 nd ) and elementary school grades (3 rd – 6 th ) will attend on-campus classes on Monday and Wednesday while junior high and senior high grades attend school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students spend alternate days in their “satellite classroom” at home completing work assigned by the classroom teacher with parents monitoring their progress.

This unique model provides two distinct advantages to families.  First, it invites parents to be active participants in the education of the child. God gave your child to you and as such, you are the greatest teacher the child will ever have.  This partnership between parent and school is crucial to growth of the whole child – body, mind and spirit.  The second advantage is that it teaches the self-disciplines of time management and independent study skills to better prepare a child for college.  Modeling the university schedule allows students to learn these crucial skills under the tutelage of both parent and school before venturing off to work independently in college. Learn more…