Parent Testimonials:

“Very simply stated, my kids are now happy to go to school, happy when they get home from school, and are learning more.  The FPA environment is healthy and encouraging, providing the right platform for the students’ success with FPA’s challenging curricula.  We now can’t imagine school any other way!”

“Foundation Prep has propelled my daughter from an average student to an academic superstar. She has always been an incredible example of a Godly character and has been one of the friendliest people to almost everyone that she has ever met. This school has allowed her to see her true academic potential and the doors of opportunity that are available to her through academic achievement. The teachers and administrators at the school have been so supportive to her directly by helping, encouraging, and recognizing her that it has totally changed her experience of what school means. That combined with the focus of character development and emphasis on a biblical worldview helps develop students into well-rounded people that are properly prepared to go off to college and lead instead of following.”

“Foundation Preparatory Academy has been a real blessing for all of us, not just our son.  We were apprehensive in the beginning, as we had never experienced anything other than public schools.  However, concerns over our roles as Co-teachers, and the University Model format were soon put to ease.  It is an amazing environment for all.  We love the student/teacher relationship provided in the classroom, the direct communication between staff and parents, and the overall expectations the school places on the students.  I have seen our son grow in his time at FPA, not only as a student but as a young man.  Confidence builds character, and the confidence he has gained in himself through his education has transformed him into someone I had always hoped he would be. We are very happy to be part of the FPA family and will continue to be part of the family even after our son is finished.  Every child should have the opportunity to experience what FPA offers, both in spiritual character and in education.”

“Due to the University-Model scheduling offered at Foundation Preparatory Academy, I have been able to spend more time with my daughter as she utilizes her time to its fullest potential. We have such a close connection with the teachers and administration as we partner to help her grow in academics, faith, and character. I know the students will be more than prepared to start college after attending FPA, but more importantly, they will be ready to face the world with a strong faith and moral character. Thank you FPA for making education a positive, happy experience for our family!”

“We chose Foundation Preparatory Academy almost two years ago. We loved the idea of sending our children to a school where the building of their character was as important as the building of their minds. The teachers have been amazing. They manage to weave life lessons and morals into each lesson and truly take the time to understand what each of my students needs in order to grow to their full potential.”

“This experience has challenged my way of thinking as a mom and as a co-teacher. It took us about 4 weeks to get into a good routine and build expectations for what the satellite days would look like at home. She and I have learned how to work together as a teacher and student.  I have seen her study skills, language development, writing, and overall love for learning grow. Overall, FPA has been a great experience. The teachers are available, supportive, and encouraging.”

Since our daughter began attending FPA this past Fall, our family has been blessed more than I hoped for. It is difficult, to sum up, these blessings in only a few sentences, but I’ll try!

First of all, our daughter has benefitted tremendously from the learning environment of the school classroom, which includes: relatively small class size and a teacher who truly understands her, academic instruction that meets her where she then encourages her to reach her full potential, emphasis on Biblical values and character traits, frequent open (& honest & pleasant & comfortable) communication between the teacher and parent, and a classroom set-up that encourages each student to learn in a way that is most effective for him/her.

Secondly, the time I have spent with her as her satellite teacher has been priceless. Even on more difficult days, it is clear that the increased time with my child and increased involvement in her education is a true gift that has benefitted our whole family.

We are so thankful to have found FPA.

FPA is a caring, compassionate, and God-centered establishment that teaches from a place of LOVE. My daughter is taught respect and treated with respect. She loves school and as a mom, I love the open communication I have with her teacher and anyone else in her school life.

We have found FPA to be a very encouraging place for our kids to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. We are thankful that our biblical values are reinforced by smart and passionate teachers while the kids are learning and being challenged in their learning. We could not be happier about how school is going for our two boys.

Teacher Testimonials:

“I love everything about Foundation Prep.  As a teacher, I love that parents are a necessary part of the success of their children and that their input truly matters.  I love that the faculty cares about every child and that we are invested in each one.  I love that the school is continually looking for ways to improve.  I really love that the academic standards that form the backbone of this program reinforce a strong student work ethic and prepare them well for college and life.”


“I am doing what God made me to do. The small class sizes allow me to really focus on the individual student and his/her needs from all aspects beyond the academic realm.”


“I love teaching at Foundation Prep!  I am given the freedom to really teach my students through hands-on activities almost every class period and cater to what THEY need in order to understand the concept.  I really love being able to pray for and with my students IN CLASS and bring God and Creator into lessons about HIS creation.”

Student Testimonials:

What do you feel was the most beneficial thing FPA did to prepare you for life after high school?

  • How to get things done on my own without a teacher or parent supervision.
  • It gave me an opportunity to learn a format that is similar to the college format before I got to college.
  • I learned how to effectively communicate with higher-ups, both in my education and in the workplace.


What resources did you find most helpful as you entered college and/or your career?

  • Access to dual credit classes.
  • Listening to professors really helps.
  • Using the assignment sheets and having all of the homework assignments all on one page is something I still do today.