Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fee Schedule
2021 – 2022

Application Fees (New Students Only)

  • A one-time $150 fee is due with submission of student application and is non-refundable. (New students only)
  • A one-time fee of $100 is due with submission of student application for siblings of EXISTING FPA students and isnon-refundable.
  • Testing Fee of $50.00 per student (1st-12th) due at the time of testing and is non-refundable.

Registration Fee

  • A fee of $250 is due with submission of course selection. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Registration occurs once a year.


Course Fees (payment options available)
Elementary (Kindergarten) $5500/year
Elementary (1st-6th Grades) $4800/year
Secondary (7th-8th Grades) $6650/year
Secondary (9th – 12th Grades) $6725/year
Activity Fees
$42.00 includes spirit shirt
$87.00 includes spirit shirt and Terra Nova
(9th-11th) $87.00 includes spirit shirt and Terra Nova;
(12th) $142.00 includes spirit shirt and graduation fees


  • The above prices reflect a full-time student. The exact course fees will vary for individual students based on the type of course for which a student registers. Part-times students, supplementing a homeschool curriculum, may enroll in classes a la carte.
  • Activity fees are due with the first payment if using a payment plan.


  • Pay-in-full Discount: 5% of tuition if paid by June 10th
  • Full-Time Pastor Discount: 25% of tuition (parents ONLY)
  • Multi-Sibling Discount for full time students (taking 4 or more classes)
    – 1st child (oldest): no discount – pays full tuition – 2ndchild:5%oftuition
    – 3rd or more child: 10% of tuition per student

Payment Options

  • Full payment by June 10th for returning students; August 10th for new students
  • 6-monthly payments (interest free): June – November – must enroll in Auto Pay through Class Reach – conveniencefees from Class Reach do apply
  • 8-monthly payment (interest free): June – January – must enroll in Auto Pay through Class Reach – convenience feesfrom Class Reach do apply

Application and Tuition fees are non-refundable. The overhead expenses of Foundation Preparatory Academy do not diminish if a student withdraws. Accordingly, the obligation to pay tuition for the full academic year is unconditional. “When a man makes a vow to the Lord or takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his word but must do everything he said.” Numbers 30:2

Uniforms, Textbooks, and School Supplies

  • Foundation Preparatory Academy-approved student uniforms are required. Uniforms are not furnished by Foundation Preparatory Academy and are not included in tuition. These must be purchased separately as specified under the Student Dress Code in the Family Handbook.
  • Textbooks are not included in the tuition unless specifically stated. Students are responsible for purchasing all textbook material required for each class. A textbook list will be furnished to facilitate ordering materials.
  • A supply list will be furnished before the start of classes. Teachers may periodically require additional supplies for special projects for assignments. Parents will be responsible for purchasing their student’s supplies.Foundation Preparatory Academy * * (979) 401-3721 Kingdom Character with Academic Excellence for Generational Impact